Clue #3!!! :D

In Uncategorized on March 14, 2009 at 9:08 am

Alright, here it is, folks! Clue #3…Got your drum rolls ready? Great! Ready to groan? Because here’s the hard part–the clue!

(Clears throat)

Clue number 3 is:

Repeat rounds 5-7 until size desired. The edges will curl up a bit due to the dogwood shell, and it will get a bit ruffly as you work; this is just fine, as it’s part of the intrigue of the pattern. For those who like symmetry, you will begin to see the almost-fractals forming, and for those who prefer a somewhat organic form, never fear! As the shawl begins to ruffle, it gets a bit more “interesting” to look at as you hold it up.

To be honest, I’m usually a person who loves symmetry: anything out of balance, off-center, or whatever drives me nuts. At the same time, the shape this shawl is forming combined with the colorway of the yarn I’m using gives the shawl a more “organic” feel, just because of the ruffles–they fall wherever they are wont to fall, and it’s great!

I hope you all forgive me for delaying this particular clue. As you could tell in Ravelry, I was really chomping at the bit to be able to give this clue to you since it’s the longest part of the shawl. It should keep you busy for a while, and, to be honest, by next weekend when I reveal the next clue, those of you using laceweight yarn will be clamoring for me to “stop!’ because “I’m not there yet! I’m sooo far behind!” But you know what? That’s okay, because the border and the edging are short enough that they won’t bother you a bit. You could probably get the both of them completed in one or two evenings once they are revealed, thereby catching you up with the rest of the group. 🙂

Anyway, I have to go because I need to get my girls ready to visit their grandparents for the day (the gps live an hour away). I look forward to your responses!

  1. Hi, Tracey. I just found this on Ravelry. Is it too late for me to join the fun?

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